Räumung der Es.Col.A in Porto

19 Apr

Es.Col.A da Fontinha from Viva Filmes on Vimeo.

An diesem Morgen wurde die Es.Col.A in Portugal geräumt. Die Es.Col.A ist ein noch junges besetztes Nachbarschaftszentrum in der Stadt Porto. Die Polizei räumte ohne Vorwarnung auf brutale Weise und ohne sich auszuweisen. Wahrscheinlich wurden etwa vier Personen festgenommen. Die ganze Innenausstattung (Küche, Computer, Bibliothek) wurde zerstört. Die Unterstützer_innen versammelten sich nach der Räumung auf dem Fontinha-Platz und demonstrierten vor dem Rathaus von Porto. Wir verurteilen die Räumung und senden unsere Solidarität nach Porto!


The former primary school building in the Fontinha neighborhood in Porto has been abandoned for Five years before a group of people decided to squat it and open for the local community to create a self managed social center. People were evicted from the building after a month of functioning and continued the activities on the streets of the neighborhood. After negotiations with the city hall, the project was allowed to go back to the building and a commodity contract was promised by the municipality. The contract was never sent, but the municipality threat that the Es.col.a. will be evicted again in March.

They sent police forces this morning, 19 of April, few days after Es.col.a. was feasting it’s first anniversary. There where about 30 people in the terrain, making pacific resistance. Police came in large numbers, around 200 officers of municipality police and intervention police. They did not present any legal documentation validating their action, most of the police officers refused to identify themselves and were not wearing identity cards on their uniforms. After an hour long operation, all the people were taken away from the Es.col.a.’s terrain. After that the police forces together with municipality workers started to “clean” the building, destroying all the equipment that was inside (including library, computer spaces, gym, bicycle workshop and kitchen) and to brick the entrances and windows.

Two people were detained after being injured by the police officers during a street protest in the neighborhood. At least three more people got beaten up by the police during sitting aiming to block the police cars way out of Fontinha. After a popular assembly, a decision was made to make a protest in front of the city hall building.

We need international support and we need to show that no where in the world police can act illegally against people, without any consequents of their actions.
One eviction, ten more occupations!

Eine Antwort zu “Räumung der Es.Col.A in Porto”

  1. Charlie Supertramp 13/05/2012 um 13:23 #

    spread the word! es war ein wunderschönes projekt.

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